TMI Tuesday: May 31, 2022

Today is Macaroon day. Macaroon NOT Macaron, the french cookie. Did you know if you search Macaroon a bunch of pictures of Macaron pop up? It takes a deeper dive to find a single photo of the coconut-y, mini cake.

Did you know that the word macaroon comes from the Italian word maccarone, meaning paste?

On with the MACAROON celebration for TMI Tuesday.

1. Have you eaten a macaroon? Did you like it?

2. Do you prefer a coconut macaroon or the original almond paste version?

3. Have you made macaroons? Share your recipe if you’d like.

4. To jazz up a basic macaroon–egg whites, sugar, and coconut–which of the following will you add?
a. chocolate
b. fresh fruit or fruit preserved
c. candy
d. cinnamon

5. Would you rather eat a macaroon or macaron?  


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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6 Responses to TMI Tuesday: May 31, 2022

  1. those macaroons look like cute little tiny biscuits. i’m up, my babies:

  2. Helen says:

    sweet, nutty and a little bit dark, and that’s just the macaroons!

  3. gemmi72 says:

    Greetings from cold and windy Brisvegas

    TMI Tuesday- Macaroons not Macarons

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