What is TMI Tuesday blog?

It is a confessional of sorts where people come to reveal too much information–sexy secrets, dirty deeds, and more.

This version of TMI Tuesday began in May 2010 when a group of regular bloggers started creating their own questions after their fave TMI Tuesday blog stopped updating.

Where do you get the questions?
Most of the weekly questions are produced by a blogger named Hedone. Many times questions are submitted by fellow bloggers.

Are TMI Tuesday questions always about sex?
No. However 90% of the time the questions are of a mature nature or adult theme. This version of TMI Tuesday was carried on by sex bloggers so it is likely to have a sexual theme.

May I submit questions to be used in a future TMI Tuesday?
Yes, please do. However all questions submitted may not be used or the questions submitted may be modified. Email tmituesdayblog [at] protonmail [dot] com

Why can’t I post my answers to the TMI questions right here as a reply?
TMI Tuesday is not only fun and addictive but it is meant to draw visitors to your website. The best way to do that is to link back to your website where you should have posted your responses to the current TMI Tuesday questions.

When are new TMI Tuesday questions posted?
Generally, new TMI Tuesday questions are posted the Monday before the TMI Tuesday of the blog post. For example, Tuesday is April 12 when everyone should post their answers. The questions to be answered were posted on Monday, April 11.

New questions are also announced on Twitter at tmituesdayblog so follow us on Twitter.

I made a comment, why didn’t it appear?
If you have not previously posted a comment that was approved for publishing, your comment is in queue awaiting administrative approval. The comment approval process is in place to prevent spamming.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Here’s a TMI we did on our own a couple months back as some ideas for questions. It was fun!


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  4. Deedra says:

    I added the link to my page, this is going to be so fun.

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  6. advizor54 says:

    For the past few weeks I’m getting the prior weeks’ questions e-mailed to me, questions I’ve already seen and answered. It’s strange, can you take a look?

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  8. The Sin Doll says:
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  10. Nero says:

    here are some questions you might be able to co-opt for future TMI Tuesdays:

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  12. Zara S says:

    I didn’t link to your site properly the first time I did TMI Tuesday I am going to do it again this week at my site http://risqueviews.com I have the link code on the post so hopefully that works. I’ll try to get involved in more in the future. Thankyou for running this!

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