TMI Tuesday: February 5, 2013

SinnerMan strikes again! This week’s questions are brought to you by

The Erotic Home

erotic table

1. When you bought your bed frame, did you evaluate it in terms of ropes, handcuffs, etc?

2. Aside from beds, was sex ever a major consideration in choosing a piece of furniture?

3. Have you ever had anyone else (friend, mom) say a piece of your furniture was inappropriate because it was clearly for sexual purposes?

4. Do you have a piece of furniture that has a stain caused by bodily fluids (baby vomit not included)?

5. Do you have anything in your beside table you wouldn’t want your father or mother to know about?

6. Do you own any exercise equipment that is useful for sex?

7. Aside from your bedroom, what room do you have sex in most often?

8. Do you have any electronics (TV, stereo) etc in your bedroom that are on during sex?


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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28 Responses to TMI Tuesday: February 5, 2013

  1. thelatephoenix says:

    i’m up, my babies, but i’ve just had my power turned off for 35 minutes:

  2. Andee says:

    I definitely will be joining in this week!


  3. KaziG says:

    Fun questions!! I couldn’t help but join in; though my house is far from erotic those who know me know I have a passion all my own 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Gemma Jones says:

    And we are up and racing. I think our house and furniture have a long way to go before they catch up with our minds

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  6. I am up I know late but at least I am here lol bedroom schmedroom

  7. I’m back from an extended tour of the crown heads of Europe and am checking in this week!

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  9. advizor54 says:

    I’m seriously late in getting this posted, but I kept falling asleep while reading my own answers.

  10. Ashes says:

    YEAYYY. I always miss TMI Tuesday because I sleep all day and then get distracted by the Internet and then it’s 12:01 Wednesday and I’m all “ARRRGLEBARGLE!” but YAEYYY this week!


    Here it is…West Coast, U.S….that’s my excuse for being so late. Hey, it’s still Tuesday here for 3 hours.

  12. says:

    sex is quite low for me, so I don’t have any of these issues!

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