TMI Tuesday: August 11, 2020

TMI Tuesday

1. How do you know if you are connecting with another person?

2. To be beautiful means. . .

3. Do you spend a lot of time keeping up with what is going on.

4. True or False. You feel that your friends have more rewarding experiences in their lives than you.

5. During covid19 pandemic do you feel more swamped by your responsibilities than before the pandemic?

Bonus: What’s on your mind?


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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13 Responses to TMI Tuesday: August 11, 2020

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  3. I like the painting you have put with this blog post today. Yesterday, I was watching a wonderful interview with the German painter, Gerhard Richter, and one of his comments was so powerful. “Painting is about what we don’t see.” This painting reminds me of this truth. I posted my responses last night and forgot to come here to let you know – but here we go – Patty Fletcher featured my post on her blog this morning at Campbells World. Lots of viewers and readers will enjoy it – here’s to a beautiful day to all of you. This is already a wonderful day, the cfrows are calling outside my open window –

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  5. Couple Spice says:

    Lessa from Couple Spice posted here:
    Paul pasted here:
    We’re thinking of combining our post into one. Good idea? Bad idea?

    • Make sure when you post links here, at TMI Tuesday blog, that there is one hyperlink per comment. Post two hyperlinks or more in a comment and wordpress thinks your comment is spam. I have to moderate and get the comment out of “spam”. I don’t mind doing that but your comment will not be visible until I get the chance to moderate or approve the comment. Thanks for playing TMI Tuesday.

  6. This went live on my blog yesterday, but I forgot to post the link here until now.

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