TMI Tuesday: January 14, 2014

Naughty Fill-ins

Don’t just fill in the blanks, sex it up! Show us just how sexy, kinky, and dirty your minds can be.

1. Right now I’m _______ .
2. Tonight I’d like to _______ in the _______.
3. _______ can do _______ to me anytime.
4. The best thing to happen to me in 2014 has been _______ .
5. _______ is one of the best feelings in the world.
6. _______ really _______ me.

Bonus: Post a photo that really turns you on and tell us why it does.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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33 Responses to TMI Tuesday: January 14, 2014

  1. My link will go live after midnight east coast US time.

  2. capitalfun1 says:

    Here is my attempt at this weeks. Would love to know what everyone thinks.

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  5. CaraSutra says:

    I’m back! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Life, ya know.
    Great questions!
    – Cara Sutra

  6. Nero says:

    Good morning everyone. Mine’s up, complete with a little sex story (and don’t forget yesterday’s post either)

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  12. OH I know I have been missing.. with good reason.. but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.. I will be visiting you all later tonight my loves…

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