TMI Tuesday: April 2, 2013

The idea for this TMI Tuesday was ripped straight from my friend’s blog A Reluctant Bitch.

An Open Book

If your life were a book, what would the parts or chapters be titled?

Your book should have at least 5 parts or chapters.

 open book
Need a little inspiration or further explanation? Check out how Jz handled the question…click here


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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24 Responses to TMI Tuesday: April 2, 2013

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  2. thelatephoenix says:

    i’m down, my babies…that was the April Fools joke…i crack myself up:

  3. Virtual Sinner says:

    April 2, so not April Fools. Whew, close call.

  4. Andee says:

    I am playing along this week … and just want to add, I love being under Gemma! πŸ˜›

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  6. Pervertically Virtuous says:

    I am new to the world of blogging, and this is my first TMI! Yay! This was a fun one.

  7. Atiya says:

    Im up!! what a challenge, i thought my life was going to be all about horror stories and vampires!

    Happy TMI
    and to newcomers!
    Welcome and enjoy your stay!

  8. Travelnurse says:

    This one was interesting. I honestly didn’t want to say too much. Some good memories and some bad.

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  10. I’m up this week! Interesting question, I should now go and write the book! x

  11. yummy says:

    very honest no messing answers from me and YSL this week

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