TMI Tuesday: March 12, 2013

TMI Tuesday was submitted by Swinging Gemma of Erotic Adventures blog. Thank you.



1. What is the most revealing thing you have ever worn in public?

2. Have you ever unwittingly shown more than you intended in public due to a wardrobe malfunction?

3. Are you more likely to arrive at an event over or under dressed?

4. Tell us about a time when you have arrived at a venue and immediately wished you could leave because you were dressed completely inappropriately?

5. What is the one thing that a lover/man/woman wears that you love with a passion?

6. What is the one thing that a lover/man/woman wears that you hate with a passion?

Bonus: You and your friend are going to a special event and you know that he/she has spent a lot of time and possibly money on their outfit and are very excited about what they have created. They refuse to show you their outfit until you are both ready to leave for the event and you find that they look awful. What do you do?


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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23 Responses to TMI Tuesday: March 12, 2013

  1. thelatephoenix says:

    i’m up, my babies, the fashion police finally tracked me down at my mountain cabin:

  2. Virtual Sinner says:

    Am I a clothes horse, or a clothes horses’s ass? Answers here:

  3. KaziG says:

    This self-proclaimed non-fashionista is UP!!

    ~ Kazi xxx

  4. Atiya says:

    love it! made me realize what a well dressed girl I am !!!

  5. Ann says:

    Overdressed with no sense of style

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  7. yayay, posted… haven’t been blogging in a while but this kind of jump started my interest again, thank you

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