TMI Tuesday: April 3, 2012

Sex on Fire

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions focus on sexual desire.

1. Answer the question: What makes you hot?

2. What is it that you want, when you look at porn?
a. To feel happy
b. To learn
c. To relax, relieve tension
d. To orgasm

3. You’ve been asked to be a part of a porn movie production. Which job will you do? Why did you select that?

a. The star of the porn film–Doug Hardwicke or Fachina Istite
b. The director–staging the scenes and directing the actors, lighting, camera shots, etc.
c. The fluffer–you’re in charge of keeping the actors “excited” about their work
d. The camera person getting all the tight, up in there, close shots

4. Right this very moment you are horny and are looking for a casual hookup for sex. Under which, of the following headings, would you place your ad?
(w=woman, m=man, t=transexual/transvestite)

w4m, m4w, m4m, w4w, t4m, m4t, w4t, t4w, t4mw, mw4t, mw4mw, mw4w, mw4m, w4mw, m4mw, w4ww, m4mm, ww4m mm4w m4ww, w4mm

5. From now on, ’til the end of time you will be able to experience sexual pleasure via a single method. From the list below, choose that method. Why did you make that choice?

a. Vaginal penetration
b. Anal penetration
c. Masturbation with your fingers/hand
d. Masturbation with a single favorite sex toy. What is the toy?
e. Being masturbated (e.g. fingered, hand-job) by the fingers/hands of another person
f. Body Touching from another–full body massage, caressing, kneading, licking, sucking, biting, etc but no insertion of anything in any orifices.
g. Oral sex

Bonus: What’s the sexiest thing you did this past weekend? Got any pics or a vid? 😀 ;p


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

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39 Responses to TMI Tuesday: April 3, 2012

  1. thelatephoenix says:

    i’m up, my babies, hopefully all the links to my place work this time: it’s here:

  2. Virtual Sinner says:

    Scheduled for overnight release:

  3. John says:

    I’ll be up and so will the blog at round about Midnight GMT

  4. Andee says:

    I’m definitely in this week! Love being on fire, metaphorically of course …

  5. kazigrrl says:

    I will be up at midnight with my socks ablaze…

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  7. V says:

    Almost forgot to say..I’m playing! I’m up now at

    • fire says:

      Blogspot doesn’t want to let me comment, but I just wanted to tell you that your weekend was awesome and I am running it by my partner to see if we can do that too.

  8. advizor54 says:

    I’ll get it up, but it may take a while…..

  9. Jules says:

    We are in again!

    • fire says:

      Seriously, Blogspot, why do you hate me and all my browsers?

      Just observing porn movies would be awesome. Maybe you could be with catering.

      Hope you’re feeling better!

    • fire says:

      This is just getting annoying – Blogger won’t accept anything I type into the captcha box. Ugh.

      I’m glad you had such a good weekend! I love giving oral sex precisely because of the trust angle (:

  10. Hedone says:

    I had a VERY hot weekend:
    Visually stimulating burlesque show
    Mentally stimulating 3 days at Momentumcon
    Physically stimulating getting devoured by KinkyGent at 2 am Saturday morning in the M-con hotel after the Brown Girls burlesque show.

    Wow…what a weekend 🙂 🙂

  11. Catharine says:

    featuring fluffy snow leopard spot dressing gowns and sex and stuff

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