Sexy Bloggers & TMI Tuesday

This is a condensed list of people who played this week’s TMI Tuesday. Why the condensed list? So many of you wrote erotic, chilling, thrilling, “dark” fantasy answers to the bonus question I thought I’d make it easier for you to check out each others blog posts. Enjoy!

Who played TMI Tuesday this week? A bunch of sexy peeps:

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7 Responses to Sexy Bloggers & TMI Tuesday

  1. advizor54 says:

    Let’s add one more to the mix. Mine will go up this afternoon!!

  2. Kayotic.Blues says:

    Man! I was left off the list. I guess that is what happens when you participate late.

  3. You’re on this list now but I don’t see your post to the original June 21 TMI Tuesday blog post:

  4. Kayotic.Blues says:

    Probably because I forgot to go post it. Damn! I knew I forgot something.

  5. Temptress says:

    Hmmm… why was I left off the list?

  6. Temptress says:

    Oh okay, that’s a legitimate reason. 🙂 Thanks for adding me.

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