TMI Tuesday: May 17, 2011

Thank you to Kirsti from the Drenched and Delicious blog for the ‘getting to know you’ questions.

Getting to Know You…

1. What is your online profile name and what does it mean?

2. How did you decide on the title of your blog?

3. How much of your online personality transcends into your real life? What’s the biggest difference between the two?

4. What have you stumbled across through reading blogs that really made you want to try it out? Have you done it yet? Was it a good, bad or so so experience?

And now, in honor of May is Masturbation Month…

5. After you masturbate, do you taste your cum? Do you like the taste of you?

6. Do you like to masturbate in front of someone else? Does that heighten your arousal or are you indifferent?

7. Have you ever been caught masturbating? By whom?

****Play TMI Tuesday****

Play TMI Tuesday by answering the questions above as a post on your blog. Then in the comment section of this post, let us know that you played by leaving a link to the TMI Tuesday questions you answered. It’s a fun way to introduce your blog to new readers.

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