TMI Tuesday: April 19, 2011

Below are the TMI Tuesday questions to be answered on your individual blogs.

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1. Have you performed a strip tease for a lover? If you had music, what was the song?

2. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”…What is it that you will show me?

3. Have you ever let someone else bathe you although you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself?

4. If you were asked, “does the carpet match the drapes”… Would your answer be “yes” or “no”?
(In case you are not familiar with this idiom, it means does the hair on your head match your pubic hair. I know, classy right? 😀 😀 Hey! It is TMI Tuesday)

5. Who has done something within the last 24 hours to show they care for you? What did they do?

6. Who was the last person you hugged romantically?

7. What do you prefer to do after sex?
a. Go for another round!
b. Cuddle and talk
c. Eat
d. Fall asleep
e. Shower
f. Get out!

Bonus: Anal sex…giving or receiving, which do you prefer? Don’t avoid this question; you could give anal stimulation by using your finger or toys (i.e., Aneros, or strap-on). For that matter so could a man…you don’t have to stick your penis in everything …LOL

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