TMI Tuesday – March 29, 2011

Wanna join in the fun? Play TMI Tuesday by simply answering the questions below as a post on your blog. Then in the comment section below, let us know that you played by leaving a link to the TMI Tuesday questions that you answered. It’s a fun way to introduce your blog to new readers.

1. Who would you call for bail money?

2. Your life has been threatened unless you do one of the three folllowing things. Which would you do? Why?

a. Do a sanctioned and well-promoted strip tease at a WWE event

b. Have sex with anyone of your choosing in a full of trash garbage dumpster

c. Star in your own Girls Gone Wild video knowing that it will be distributed, for free, in your hometown.

3. What is your most hated chore on your household chore list?

4. Do you do ay chores naked? Which one(s)?

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you turn out to do that?

6. One of your scars, how did you get it?

7. What is on the wall in your bedroom?

8. Do you snore, grind your teeth, or talk in your sleep?

9. What type of music do you listen to?

BONUS: Buried or cremated? Why?

Questions? Send an email to [at] gmail [dot] com

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3 Responses to TMI Tuesday – March 29, 2011

  1. Who’s playing this week?

    Hands in My Pants and Other Lustfull Desires

    Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

    Thoughts of a Mystic Satyr

    Virtual Sin

    …more to come!

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